Zapcode Options


Zapcode Options

The following options can be accessed from the zapcode overview page.

The zapcode options on the overview page.

Change Tool

This option allows you to choose a different tool for managing the content of your zapcode.

Changing tool deletes existing content on a zapcode.

Duplicate Content

This option allows you to duplicate the content of your zapcode to another code.

You have the choice of duplicating to an existing code in your account, or to a newly allocated code.

Duplicating to a zapcode will both replace the content, and change the tool of the destination zapcode.

Archive Zapcode

Archiving a zapcode will:

  1. Remove it from the list of zapcodes.
  2. Unpublish the zapcode.

Archived zapcodes can be viewed and reinstated from the zapcodes archive page - accessed from bottom right of the zapcodes homepage.

The deep link allows users to launch the experience without having to scan the zapcode.

For more information please see the Deep Link article.

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