Lite Branded Splash Screen

When launching a ZapWorks Designer or ZapWorks Studio experience in the mobile browser (WebAR), it is essential to have a splash screen. The splash screen requires a ‘user-initiated event’ in order to:

  • To request permission to access device motion data
  • To request permission to access the camera (on some platforms)
  • To play audio

Zappar Branded Splash Screen

The standard Zappar branded splash screen is available to all users free of charge by default through their workspace.

Zappar Branded Splash Screen

As you can see it has minimal branding and does not support any customisations. The Zappar branded splash screen is perfect for many use cases, but is not appropriate for some customers’ projects.

Lite Branded Splash Screen

The Lite branded splash screen has a neutral white and black branding by default, and allows customisation of the logo and title of the text. In the example below, we have uploaded a generic logo, and included ‘Company name’ as the title.

Lite Branded Splash Screen

The Lite branded splash screen is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans. To gain access to this feature, you can upgrade your ZapWorks subscription here.

Configuring your Lite Branded Splash Screen

In order to launch your project via a Lite branded splash screen, you first need to create and open a ZapWorks Studio or Designer project on Once created and opened, follow the steps below.

The Lite branded splash screen uses our standard privacy policy. If you require a custom privacy policy, check out our custom WebAR sites.

1) On the project overview page, in the bottom right corner you will see the option to update the Project icon and title.

Project icon and title

We recommend using a JPEG image when uploading your icon.

2) Once you have updated the Project icon and title, you should navigate to the project's triggers page. Your triggers can be accessed either using the left hand navigation or clicking ‘Go to Triggers’ on the project overview page.

Your project icon and title will store in your cached data and may not reflect any updates you make. To see any updates, be sure to clear your browser's cached data.

3) Open the trigger settings for your QR code by clicking on the tools icon, highlighted below.

Tools icon

4) This will bring up the Trigger settings modal, from where you can select ‘WebAR - Lite branded splash screen’.

Trigger settings modal

This option will only appear if you are on a Pro or Enterprise plan.

5) After you have selected the correct configurations for your QR code, save the options to close the modal. From here, you can scan the QR code to test the Custom Lite Splash Screen or download the QR code to share it.

Setting Lite Branded Splash Screen as default

You can set the Lite Branded Splash Screen as default, meaning all future triggers added to both new and existing projects will automatically launch into the Lite Branded Splash Screen without needing to change their configuration manually.

To do this, select Distribution hub on the left-hand navigation of your workspace. Hover over the WebAR - Lite branded splash screen and click 'Make default'.

Setting Lite Branded as Default

Custom Branded Splash Screen

In addition to the lite branded splash screen, Zappar also offer customers the option of full customization of their screen splash screen. You can see some examples of the Customer branded splash screen below.

The custom branded splash screen is available as an add on to your subscription. Prices start at £5000 per project per year. In order to learn more about a custom splash screen, you can request a call with a member of the sales team here: or send a request from the distribution hub on your workspace.

If you have purchased a Custom Branded Splash Screen, these will also appear in your workspace's WebAR splash screens, found in the distribution hub.

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