World Tracking

World Tracking is a 6-DoF tracking type that allows digital content to be placed in world space in front of the camera, without requiring any image or object target. With this tracking type, you can build experiences such as a 3D model viewer that lets users walk around to view the model from different angles, or an experience that places a character in their room.

Using World Tracking

When you create your Designer experience, you will be asked whether you want your first scene to be World, Image, or Face tracked.

Choosing your tracking type with the new Designer project modal

Once World Tracking is selected, your scene will automatically be switched to 3D mode, with a grid on displayed on the canvas to indicate where to place your content. For the best user experience, we recommend placing your content centrally above the grid.

Creating a World Tracking experience

A World Tracked scene cannot be switched to 2D mode. If you are looking to create a 2D scene in Designer, you will need to create an Image Tracked scene.

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