What happens if the payment for my seats fails?

Accounts & Billing

What happens if the payment for my seats fails?

We attempt to take payment for all your seats at the start of every billing cycle. Payment will be attempted using the card listed as "Default" in the Payment Cards section.

If the payment fails the following will happen:

  1. We'll send you an email to let you know and try again after three days.

  2. If payment continues to fail we'll send a further 2 emails, three days apart, and attempt to take payment at these intervals.

  3. If payment fails a fourth time all seats will be removed and the following will happen:

    • Your account will become read-only and your zapcodes un-published
    • After ten days your content will be deleted and your zapcodes archived

Reasons for Payment Failure

While payment can fail for a number of reasons, your card provider may not share the explanation with us, or with our payment services provider.

It is important to ensure that your default card has not expired and has the funds available, if you're in any doubt then we suggest you contact your card provider.

ZapWorks does not support prepaid credit cards.

Reinstating your Account

If your account has been disabled it's super simple to get up and running again - just purchase a new seat by selecting the "Get More Seats" option from the "Settings" menu.

Once your account is reinstated you'll need to republish your zapcodes to put their content live again.

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