What is an Account Admin?

Accounts & Billing

What is an Account Admin?

Account admins have full access to the account and can be set on the Team Management page.

By default the account creator is set as an admin for that account.

Admin Permissions

As well as having the permissions of a non-admin, admins have the additional ability to:

  • Buy, remove and assign seats.
  • Add and remove users.
  • Modify other admin's admin status.
  • Access the 'Account Settings', 'Team Management' and 'Billing Information' pages.

A full breakdown of an admin's permissions can be seen over on the Managing User Permissions article.

Setting a User as an Admin

A user can be set as an admin by navigating to the Team Management page and either:

  • adding a user to the account using the 'Add User' button and ticking the 'Admin' box; or
  • ticking the 'Admin' box next to a user already present in the list of account users.

This same checkbox can be unticked to remove Admin permissions from a user.

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