Managing User Permissions

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Managing User Permissions

Permissions provide admin users with fine control over the settings and actions that are available to other users on the account, on a per-user basis.

Admin users are able to change the permissions available to other admin users, as they have full access to the account.

The Edit Permissions option can be accessed from the cog icon next to a user in the Team Management page. This will open a dialog box in which the user's permissions can be set.

Editing user permissions

Please note that you cannot edit your own permissions, only those of other users on the account.

Permissions List

The following permissions can be assigned to users:

Permission Function
Can manage zapcode groups Allows the user to add, edit, and remove zapcode groups.
Can modify zapcode content Allows the user to modify zapcode content.
Can publish zapcodes Allows the user to publish zapcodes. Users without this permission are still able to Preview zapcodes.
Can archive zapcodes Allows the user to archive zapcodes.
Can view zapalytics Allows the user to view the account's analytics data through zap-alytics.
Can allocate zapcodes Allows the user to create new zapcodes on the account.
Can manage account settings Allows the user to manage settings on the account, with the exception of billing and team management.
Can manage billing Allows the user to manage billing on the account (e.g. adding/changing payment methods, buying seats).
Can manage team Allows the user to access the team management page, where users can invite/remove other users, assign seats, and edit permissions.
Can view all zapcodes Allows the user to view all zapcodes on the account. Users without this permission will only be able to view zapcodes that they have created.

As well as having the relevant permissions assigned, a user must have an active ZapWorks seat in order to perform any zapcode-related actions such as publishing, editing content etc.

Access Levels

There are three predefined access levels found within the Permissions settings:

Permission Strict Standard Admin
Can manage zapcode groups
Can modify zapcode content
Can publish zapcodes
Can archive zapcodes
Can view zapalytics
Can allocate zapcodes
Can view all zapcodes -
Can manage account settings - -
Can manage billing - -
Can manage team - -

When an access level is selected, the user's available permissions are automatically updated in the checkboxes.

Users that are assigned a Student seat on an Education account are automatically switched to the Strict permissions group, meaning they are only able to view and edit their own zapcodes.

A fourth option, Custom, allows the selected user's permissions to be set individually.

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