Using Education Accounts

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Using Education Accounts

Zappar's education accounts offer two types of unique seats, Educator and Student.

Educator seats give complete access to all the ZapWorks tools (just like a regular Pro seat) but are available at a considerably discounted price.

Student seats also give access to all the ZapWorks tools (just like Pro seats) but users are limited to only being able to see and edit their own zapcodes. These seats are offered at a nominal rate (around $2 / £2 / €2 a year).

Both seat types are charged on an annual basis and an education account must have at least 1 Educator seat for Student seats to be purchased.

Purchasing Seats

To get started, you'll need to create an education account by heading over to the education pricing page and starting a free 30 day trial.

Once your account has been created, you'll see the following education seat types appear on the Buy Seats page:

From there you can purchase your seats as normal, making sure you have at least 1 Educator seat.

Managing Seats

After successfully purchasing seats you'll be directed to the Team Management page, where you can administer access to your account.

Inviting Users

Clicking on the 'Invite Users' button will open up a prompt for you to enter the email address(es) of the users you would like to invite to access the account.

Existing ZapWorks users will be sent an email notifying them of their invitation to your account. If an invited user is not registered with ZapWorks they will be sent an invitation link which they can use to register.

For accounts with fewer than 10 seats, invitations are handled individually and not in bulk as shown above.

Allocating Seats

Users invited to your account must be assigned a seat in order to use the tools. You can do so using the dropdown box next to their name on the Team Management page. Seats can be reallocated between users at any time.

Users with an assigned Educator seat can be marked as an admin and then have access to Team Management and the billing settings. For more information on what being an admin entails please see our account admin article.

Under 13s

If your institution plans on using ZapWorks with children under the age of 13, you will need to sign and submit a consent form during the education account request process. Reach out to to receive the consent form if you don't have one already.

Once we've verified your account, an additional tool will be activated on the Team Management page allowing you to generate login credentials for children under 13. This allows the children to use ZapWorks even if they don't have working email addresses.

The newly activated 'Create Students' button opens a window allowing you to specify the number of credentials you wish to create.

Generate login credentials for children under 13

  • Log in to ZapWorks using the administrator's email address.
  • Click 'Settings' in the upper right and select 'Team Management'.

The Settings and Team Management buttons.

  • In the Team Management page, click 'Create Students'.

Create Students Button

  • When the ‘Create Students’ windows appears, type in the number of students you would like to add and click ‘Create Students’.

You cannot create more students than the number of unassigned Student seats you have purchased.

Create Students Window

This will create users with generated email addresses and passwords, add them to the account, and allocate each of them a Student seat.

  • Check your inbox. You should have received an email containing the login details for each new user. These credentials can then be provided to the children for them to log in with and start creating content.

Email containing new users' login details

The email addresses generated are for login purposes only and are not able to send or receive emails.


If at any point during this process you become stuck or have any additional questions on education accounts and how to use them , don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at

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