Personal and Business Use

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Personal and Business Use

This article aims to clarify the difference between Personal and Business use (a noble aim indeed).

Personal use

  • Developing zaps for one’s own personal entertainment.
  • Students with self-funded projects (i.e not part of a school or University initiative).

Examples of personal use

  • Creating an interactive birthday card for a family member.
  • Developing augmented reality content to show off to your friends.
  • Attaching cat videos to things.

Business Use

The following do not constitute personal use (this is not an exhaustive list but some of the areas that sometimes get confused):

  • Testing or trialling ZapWorks within a business or with eventual commercial intent (there is a 30-day trial for that).
  • Use by an educational institution. We offer delicious discounts to educators which you can learn about on our education pricing page.
  • Using ZapWorks to add AR content to products with the intention of generating revenue.
  • Developing content on behalf of clients.

You’ll need a Business Account for any of the above.

Zappar reserves the right to deactivate any account we feel is in breach of our terms.

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