You can easily add dynamic and visually appealing Text to your projects. Text offers a wide range of properties, including curves, strokes, outlines and more; allowing you to customize and animate your text to create engaging and unique experiences.

Supported formats

  • TTF
  • OTF
  • WOFF

Although Mattercraft supports a variety of popular web fonts, it does not guarantee your specific font will be. Please test your font in Mattercraft to ensure compatibility before committing to that font.

Getting started with text

To add text into your project, right-click on the Hierarchy and then add Text from the menu:

Adding Text components from the Hierarchy

Editing Text

Text comes with a number of properties that you can customize to achieve the desired look and feel for your text:

Property Description
Font Allows you to import and use your own .TTF font. Choose the font that best suits your project's aesthetic and style.
Characters Preloads fonts (and optionally pre-generate the SDF textures for particular glyphs up front) to avoid long pauses when first displaying a piece of text in your scene.
Text Enter the actual text content you want to display. This is the string of characters that will be rendered in your scene.
Font Size The size at which to render the font in local units; corresponds to the em-box height of the chosen.
Color Define the color of your text.

There are also a number of of advanced properties for text, all of which have descriptions and helpers when hovering over the ? (question mark) icon.

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