Getting Started

The documentation in this section is for Designer (Legacy). Please head over to the new Designer documentation where you can find information and tutorials for the newest version of Designer. If Designer (Legacy) does not appear on your list of available tools, find out how to add it here.

ZapWorks Designer allows you to create immersive image tracked augmented reality experiences. Whether you're looking to bring your print to life or add interaction to your static content, it can all be done with our easy-to-use browser-based tool.

To use Designer, create a Designer project over on ZapWorks and begin editing your experience

If you're new to Designer, we'd recommend starting off with the introduction video, which will take you through the basics of working with Designer, from adding a trigger to your tracking image, training it up as a target, and adding content to your experience.

The rest of the tutorials will take you through creating experiences for different use cases, while our other documentation provides further insight to the use of additional features such as scenes, transitions, and actions for add interactivity to your experiences.

Our forum is a great place to visit to talk to active members of the ZapWorks community, whether it's to ask for advice or to share ideas and projects.

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