Scene Transitions

The documentation in this section is for Designer (Legacy). Please head over to the new Designer documentation where you can find information and tutorials for the newest version of Designer. If Designer (Legacy) does not appear on your list of available tools, find out how to add it here.

Scene Transitions define the animation of a scene entering and leaving the device's screen.

You can select from a number of options for both the transition in and out, as well as specifying the length of time a transition takes to complete and the delay before this transition starts.

Transition In

The 'Transition In' effect occurs when a scene is navigated to and defines how it enters, whether from the scanning of a zapcode (as with the first scene in your experience), or when one scene navigates to another, such as when a button is pressed and the 'Go to scene' action is used.

Transition Out

The 'Transition Out' effect occurs when a scene is navigating to another scene and defines how the current scene leaves. For this reason the 'Transition Out' effect relies on a following scene and will not work with a single scene by itself.

For more information on Scene Transitions please see the Transitions tutorial video.

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