Component Options

The Zappar embed component can be customized with the options outlined below.

Option Type Description
hostAppData string An arbitrary string set by the application and passed into the embed.
launchDeepLink string Sets a ZapWorks experience to launch directly into. For more information see the Deep Links article.
showFullScreen boolean Sets whether the component will be started in fullscreen.
barColor string Sets the bar color with a hex value.
showHistoryButton boolean Sets whether the History button is shown.
showFavoriteButton boolean Sets whether the Favorites button is shown.
showPhotoButton boolean Sets whether the Photo button is shown.
showGifButton boolean Sets whether the Gif button is shown.
showAgeGate boolean Sets whether the age gate message is shown.
showARWarning boolean Sets whether the AR warning is shown (Android only).
onMessage string Sets a custom variable message.
forceLandscape boolean Sets whether to force the device to display in landscape mode.

The parameters above can be passed as shown below, in which a bar color and an experience to launch into via deep link when the embed is initialized are set.


    <Button style={} onPress={
    () => {
        var options = {}
        options.barColor= '#000000';
        options.launchDeepLink = "z/Xtpd1c";
} title="Start Zappar!"></Button>
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