Third Party Licenses

This page lists the third party software libraries used by the Zappar app and embed components, and their associated licenses.

Name of library Applicable license terms
Android Open Source Project** Apache 2
ExoPlayer Apache 2.0
dlib Boost:
giflib X Consortium open source license
libCVD* BSD-2 License
libxml2 The MIT License
libogg BSD License
libvorbis BSD License
lua The MIT License
LuaDataDumper The MIT License
Minizip ZLib License
NSData + Base 64 ZLib License
PowerVR Graphics SDK Imagination Technologies SDK EULA
rapidjson (3 components) BSD License, The MIT License, JSON License
SHA-1 Public Domain
stb_image Public Domain
theora BSD License
TooN The BSD 2-Clause License
tremor The BSD 2-Clause License
* Some source code is derived from libcvd
** One file from the Android Open Source Project is included
*** Without attribution requirement for binary distribution
zapcode branded_zapcode i