Widgets - Pet Shop Business Card


Widgets - Pet Shop Business Card


In this video, we’ll be taking a look at a business card AR experience we created for a fictional pet shop using the Widgets tool.

For further context on the project, please check out this video where we discuss the idea behind the experience.

Widgets Overview

ZapWorks Widgets is our simplified online AR editor, allowing for the quick attachment of digital information to a physical code. Widgets provides a templated experience with your content laid out for you, ready to publish in minutes.

Zapcode Tracking & Grab and go

Widgets does not make use of tracking images but uses the zapcode itself for tracking. Grab and go, the ability to show your content on the user's screen even if the target image or zapcode is no longer visible is also enforced.

Experience Overview

This experience consists of three elements rotating around a center image placed on top of the zapcode. You can tap on the icons to interact with them, one of them allowing you to save a contact, another linking to a website, and the third linking to a Google Maps location.

Project Breakdown

Widgets experiences like this can be quickly put together using the tool. The experience is made up of three widgets - a “widget” being the individual piece of content in a Widgets experience, hence the tool’s name.

The first widget is a ‘web link widget’, which directs the user to a website when tapped. It’s created by using the web link content option.

You enter the URL of the website you want the user to visit and then either generate a screenshot from the web page itself or upload a custom image. We used the ‘generate screenshot’ option which is handy for when you don’t have a custom image.

The second widget is also a ‘web link widget’; however, this one links to a Google Maps location, which will open in the Google Maps app if installed on the user’s device.

Contact Details

The third widget is a ‘contact widget’, allowing the user to save contact details to their device. We’ve used it here to add information about the pet shop, along with a phone number the user can call.

More information such as email address and social media pages can also be added. Additionally, we’ve uploaded an image to be placed on the contact widget.

Center image & Background Sound

We’ve also uploaded a center image and a background sound to our experience. Both of these are optional (a default background sound is provided if none is added) but they help add a more personal touch to the experience.

Studio and Designer Projects

Use the links below to be taken to the Studio and Designer project videos, as well as the asset preparation video:

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