How much content can I have on my Widgets code?

The documentation in this section is for Widgets (Legacy). We recommend using our Designer tool to develop Widget type experiences. If Widgets (Legacy) does not appear on your list of available tools, find out how to add it here.

With a Widgets type zapcode you can have:

  • a maximum of eight widgets

  • a maximum of 30 media files per widget (e.g. 30 images in a Photo Album)

The amount of content on a Widgets zapcode will determine its appearance in the Zappar app. Experiences with three or more widgets will display content as floating circles, as opposed to the static images shown in zapcodes with fewer than three widgets.

A Widgets experience with two pieces of content displayed in the Zappar app.
A Widgets experience with three pieces of content displayed in the Zappar app.

Danger, Will Robinson! Too many things in your zap may increase the download size and make for a bad user experience.

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