Introduction Video


Introduction Video

1. Introduction

This video tutorial introduces the Widgets tool, the simplest way to build a zap.

Widgets makes it easy to attach your content to your zapcode.

When your Widgets code is zapped it will look something like the video above with content appearing around the code that users can interact with by tapping on the icons.

2. Getting Started

To get started, select Widgets from the new zapcode screen and click on your new zapcode.

The Edit Zapcode Content area allows you to upload and change what's on your code.

3. Adding Content

To add content, select a type of content from the menu on the right. There are many options including photos, videos and contact details. In this example we'll select photo album.

You can upload images into the widget by dragging from your desktop, clicking the upload button, or selecting from recently uploaded images.

Once complete your new widget will appear on the left, you can edit the title by using the text box at the top. The widget will automatically save after you finish typing.

4. Publishing

Once you have uploaded all the content you like hit the Publish button.

Once the process is complete anyone can zap your code and enjoy your creation.

5. Next Steps

If you'd like more control over how your content is displayed check out the ZapWorks Designer.

You can find more details, including an introductory video in our Designer documentation.

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