Supported Devices

The Zapvision App and Zapvision SDK were created to scan and recognize Accessible QR (AQR) codes. AQR codes are modified QR codes designed by Zappar, intended to provide important product information to the blind and partially sighted communities.

Below, you will find information regarding how the Zapvision App and Zapvision SDK are supported by certain devices.

Zapvision App

Hardware OS
iPhone (iOS) iOS 13 and later
Android Actively in development, available in 2023

Although the Zapvision App is available for devices running iOS 13 or later, we recommend using devices running iOS 15 and later for the best experience.

Zapvision SDK

The Zapvision SDK is designed for use in existing third-party applications and on the devices supported by those applications.

This means that the Zapvision SDK should run on devices supported by your existing app.

Please note that Zapvision reserves the right to add, remove, or modify any features or functionality in the Zapvision app and/or SDK at any time, in order to ensure a smooth and secure user experience.

If you have any questions regarding Zapvision, please reach out to

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