Zapvision is an integrated system, enabling brands to provide important product information to users who may be blind or partially sighted. By using the Zapvision Content Management System (CMS), you are able to create and manage Zapvision Accessible QR codes to empower the blind and partially sighted community.

The Zapvision CMS

This documentation will give clarity to the following topics:

Accessible QR codes

Accessible QR codes (AQR) are modified QR codes designed by Zappar, intended to provide important product information to the blind and partially sighted communities.

An AQR code (1) vs a traditional QR code (2)

The AQR code has the dual benefit of being both a standard QR code when scanned with a regular app (e.g. the iPhone camera app), and also contains structured product information for the blind and partially sighted when scanned with a Zapvision enabled app. The AQR code also greatly increases the distance at which codes can be recognized.

Zapvison app

The AQR code scheme can be recognized by the Zapvision iOS app, as well as apps that have embedded the free to use Zapvision SDK. Current apps either with the SDK live or in development are: Seeing AI, Envision and BeMyEyes.

A Zapvision App for Android devices is actively in development and will be available in 2023.

The Zapvision app in action

It is recommended that you have the Zapvision app downloaded on your phone before working with the CMS. You can download the app for iOS here.

Although the Zapvision iOS App is available for devices running iOS 13 or later, we recommend using devices running iOS 15 and later for the best experience.

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