Cost Per Engagement (CPE)


Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

An engagement (previously a “scan”) is defined as a single instance in which an end-user launches your ZapWorks content via one of its triggers e.g. zapcode, QR code, etc.

Depending on your workspace plan and the length of your billing cycle, your engagement allowance will vary, as per the table below.

Monthly (Billing) Yearly (Billing)
Solo 1,000 per month 12,000 per year
Pro 2,500 per month 30,000 per year
Enterprise Not Available 100,000 per year
Education Not Available 12,000 per year

Experiences launched via a preview zapcode do not count towards the engagement allowance.

If a workspace exceeds its engagement allowance, it will be automatically switched to a cost per engagement (CPE) overage schedule.

CPE is charged on a per-thousand basis, the pricing of which is dependent on the workspace plan. The CPE costs for each plan are outlined below:


0 - 12,000 Included Included Included
12,000 + $25 per 1000 £20 per 1000 €25 per 1000


0 - 30,000 Included Included Included
30,000 + $20 per 1000 £15 per 1000 €20 per 1000


0 - 100,000 Included Included Included
100,000 - 1m $13 per 1000 £10 per 1000 €13 per 1000
1m + $6 per 1000 £5 per 1000 €6 per 1000


0 - 12,000 Included Included Included
12,000 + $25 per 1000 £20 per 1000 €25 per 1000


How is CPE invoiced?

CPE overage on all plans, regardless of the billing cycle, is invoiced monthly.

ZapWorks will automatically calculate the engagements that your workspace has received, and if you have exceeded your allowance, then an invoice will be generated and charged to your credit card.

Why is CPE billed monthly if my workspace is on an annual plan?

ZapWorks plans are paid in advance for services that you are going to use. CPE, in contrast, is paid retrospectively for services that have already been delivered. As Zappar incur a cost from our hosting provider (AWS) for each engagement we deliver to the end-user, we charge monthly to decrease the time difference between services delivered and payments received.

How do I check my remaining CPE allowance?

ZapWorks displays the remaining CPE on your workspace on both the Workspace Settings and Plan Details pages.

Can I prevent my plan from switching to the CPE when I go over my allocated engagements?

No, this is not currently possible.

If you are concerned about going over the allowance on your plan, it’s recommended that you regularly check the remaining engagements included, or consider upgrading to a higher plan that includes a larger number of engagements.

Can I bulk purchase engagements in advance?

Yes, this is possible on the Enterprise plan. If you would like to purchase a bulk number of engagements in advance, please get in touch via

Typically purchasing engagements in advance is useful when a company is expecting a high volume ( 1m+ ) of engagements and wants to have a more predictable cost.

What happens if I don’t use the engagement allowance on my plan?

Engagements do not carry across a billing period.

If you are on a monthly billing cycle, your engagement allowance resets every month.

If you are on an annual billing cycle, your engagement allowance resets every year.

If you believe you are likely to have an uneven distribution of engagements across months, then it may be useful for you to purchase your ZapWorks plan on an annual billing cycle. Engagements on annual plans are cumulative for the year and can be used whenever you need it.

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