If you are self-hosting your experience, you will have to register the full domain name with ZapWorks in order for the license check to complete successfully.

You do not need to register if you're hosting your experience:

  • with ZapWorks (a * domain name)
  • locally for testing (with the one of following hostnames:, 127.*)
  • on your local network (with the one of following hostnames: 192.*, 10.*)
  • using ngrok (a * domain name)


The ability to self-host a Universal AR site is only available to users on an Enterprise plan.

To register your app or website with ZapWorks, select Universal AR Licenses from the main dropdown.

Click on the + icon to add a new license, and select the type of project you are registering i.e. a website, a native Android app, or a native iOS app.

In this same modal, you'll need to specify the identity of the project this new license will be tied to i.e. Hostname (website), Package Name (Android), or Bundle Idenitifier (iOS), as well as a short description of your choice.

Please ensure that the identity you provide on ZapWorks exactly matches that of your project.

Clicking Request will add the license to your list.

For more information on publishing and hosting, please refer to this article.

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