Welcome to the technical webinar hub! Here you can find an archive of functionality and project based webinars. The majority of the technical webinars crossover with existing step-by-step tutorials and contain added extras like tips and tricks, as well as pre-recorded Q&A sessions towards the end.

Mini Solar System

Learn how to create timeline animations, set up states, and activate them with Actions.

3D Exploded View

Learn how to make an interactive exploded view. Great for L&D, retail and product visualisation experiences.

AR Photo booth

Learn how to make the most of Studio’s face tracking functionality by creating your very own AR photo booth complete with funny hats and sunglasses

Scripting Custom Behaviour

Learn basics of using Studio’s TypeScript capability that will allow you to fully customize your experience and define custom behavior.

World Tracked Portal

Learn how to create a world-tracked portal that your users can step into, also showing you how to use trigger regions to track their position.

Interactive Business Cards

Demonstration of how to create multiple interactive Business Card buttons tracked on a target image.

Interior Design

Learn how to make the most of Studio’s world tracking functionality by placing objects within a room to actual scale.

Creating Face-Tracked Experiences

Learn how to make the most of Studio’s face tracking functionality includes tracking content, face paint, and using face expressions.

As well as the technical webinars listed above, we also have an archive of webinars focusing on leveraging the power of AR and ZapWorks. Click here to sign up for future webinars or search through the archive of previous recordings.

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