Launching ZapWorks Experiences


Launching ZapWorks Experiences


Content created with the ZapWorks tools can be viewed on a variety of platforms, listed below:

  • The Zappar app, available on iOS and Android devices.
  • On a mobile web browser, with Zappar WebAR.
  • From your own app, by embedding Zappar's scanning technology. For further information please get in touch with a member of our sales team.
  • The ZapBox app, available on iOS and Android devices, for ZapBox experiences created with ZapWorks Studio.

Zappar WebAR is the web version of our native Zappar app and allows users to view your ZapWorks experiences directly from within their browser, without downloading the app, and without the creator needing to make any changes to existing content.

An experience viewed in the Zappar app
The same experience viewed in Zappar WebAR

Most existing ZapWorks content is supported by Zappar WebAR, though more resource-intensive experiences may not perform as expected due to current browser limitations. In these instances, we recommend launching through the native app instead.

Due to the current state of browser technology Zappar WebAR is considered to be in beta. As such, we don't currently recommend its use for large campaigns.


Depending on the platform used, experiences can be launched via a number of different methods, referred to as triggers.

Scanning a zapcode

Regular zapcodes can be scanned through the native Zappar app, as well as through Zappar WebAR. Custom codes will need to be scanned from within the app that contains the custom app embed package.

Scan this zapcode with the Zappar app to launch the experience.

Launching a deep link

When created, all zapcodes are assigned a unique deep link which can be used to launch the experience published to the corresponding zapcode.

These unique deep link IDs (i.e. the bit after z/...) can be used to launch an experience either within the native Zappar app or Zappar WebAR by changing the URL format used.

Launching a URL that uses the prefix before your zapcode's unique identifier will launch the experience within the Zappar app, assuming the app is installed (if it isn't, the user will be prompted to install).


Launching a URL that uses the prefix before your zapcode's unique identifier will launch the experience in the user's browser (via Zappar WebAR).


This Zappar WebAR deep link can then be attached to a QR code created using a third-party QR code generator. This will allow users to launch an experience directly within their mobile browser by scanning the code using a QR code scanner.

iOS devices have a QR code scanner built into the default camera app. Android devices may require the installation of a separate QR code scanner app.

Scan this QR code with a QR code scanner on your device to launch the experience with Zappar WebAR.

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