Google Analytics in WebAR

Integrating Google Analytics into a WebAR project supplements and enhances the data gathered from ZapWorks analytics. Monitoring web traffic using Google Analytics can help to measure progress against business goals such as commerce sales, brand engagement (dwell time), lead generation and social shares. For an introduction to Google Analytics please check the 'Get started with Analytics' article from Google.

To add Google Analytics to a ZapWorks experience, there are two prerequisites:

If you have purchased a Custom WebAR splash screen, we'll set up your site with Google Analytics once you've provided us with your Google Analytics tag ID.

UTM codes

A UTM code enables Google Analytics on a website. When a user clicks on a URL with a UTM code, Google Analytics records the user's visit to the website and any additional parameters set.

Parameters can include:

  • the campaign (e.g. summer-sale, 20discount, hero-appeal)
  • the source of traffic (e.g. facebook, twitter, mailing-list)
  • type of medium (e.g. social-media, cpc, email)
  • the piece of content clicked from a matching source and medium (e.g. sidebar-advert, url, posted-advert)
  • other additional options

Different UTM codes can be set depending on where it's shared, such as social media, email, search engines, print and other mediums.

For more information on Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) codes, take a look at the external article from Google here.

The URL needed to track Google Analytics to a WebAR experience is a project's deep link ID. To obtain a deep link ID, go to, click on the project, click on actions, then select 'Get deep link ID'.

To launch a WebAR experience using this ID, add /?z=zid/ and the deep link ID to the end of your custom WebAR URL:

Deep Link ID Custom WebAR URL

After retrieving the URL, a UTM code must added to start recording Google Analytics. A UTM code can be built using an online tool such as Google's Campaign URL Builder.

For example:

A QR code can then be generated from the URL.

To make changes to a QR code's destination or UTM code without making changes to a QR codes appearance, we recommend using a link redirection service such as or to create a redirectable link. Once a QR code is generated from the redirectable link, the destination of a QR code can be changed at will. An alternative to using a link redirection service is to generate a dynamic QR code from the URL.


Can Zappar use their own Google Analytics tag ID?

As the data generated by users visiting a WebAR experience is held by external servers run by Google (which falls outside the liability of Zappar), and to ensure user's data privacy and security in line with GDPR, you'll need to provide us with your tag ID as you'll be handling Google Analytics data. For further clarification on this, please get in touch.

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