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1. Introduction

Using the existing Zappar app is great for delivering AR content to your customers without having to build or maintain an app yourself. You can however embed Zappar technology in an existing app of your own, or create your own AR scanning app.

It's a tried and tested way to leverage your existing user base, and to drive app downloads from your physical products and marketing.

2. Custom Codes

In addition - when you embed Zappar you also have the option to use a custom code design based on your own branding. This comes with some added complexity and so is costed separately from the embed component itself.

3. Integration Overview

Our component is really simple to integrate into your iOS and Android apps. It handles all of the complexity of providing interactive AR experiences - you just drop the component in to your app project on each of our supported platforms and add a few lines to code to launch the Zappar view at the right time.

The iOS component provides a UI View Controller that you present modally.

And on Android the component provides an Activity that you launch with an intent.

For more information please see the following articles:

We also provide plugins for some popular app frameworks, including Cordova.

4. Next Steps

It really is that simple - you'll join the thousands of other businesses and individuals who've reached their customers and users in new and interesting ways with Zappar-powered content.

Head over to the App Embed page to learn more or get in touch with the team here at

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